As a school we follow the 2014 National Curriculum and cover the subjects and topics as outlined in the statutory guidance.
Mrs S Harper has  curriculum responsibility for science and  she can be contacted if you require further information.
Please contact the school office for further details.

                                                       Principles of Science

Palmers Cross Science Policy

December 2017  Science Learning


Nursery have been using their senses to explore the snow.
"It's so cold!"   "I can hear it crunchy!"  "Everywhere's white"


Reception have been launching rockets. They used a variety of different bottles to make their rockets to see which type of bottle would travel the furthest.The children thought the bigger bottles would travel furthest, but it was the smaller that actually went further. I wonder why?



We have been looking into reversible and irreversible changes in year 5. We have looked at melting butter and mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to see what changes happen.


December 2017

Seven Trent came to join us in assembly to talk about looking after our environment by recycling water and saving water.

November 2017

In partnership with the Woodlands Trust, pupils at Palmers Cross Primary School have been planting a variety of different trees within their school grounds to develop a more eco-friendly environment. Pupils were joined by Mr Derek Brown, the chair of governors at Palmers Cross and Mr Guy Belding from the Woodland Trust to plant over 100 saplings. Pupils will continue to nurture the trees as they grow, taking care of their immediate environment. It is hoped that the area where the trees have been planted will be developed into a forest school, where children will be able to expand their experiences of outdoor learning.