As a school we follow the 2014 National Curriculum and cover the subjects and topics as outlined in the statutory guidance.
Mrs S Harper has curriculum responsibility for science and  can be contacted if you require further information.
Please contact the school office for further details.

Our Vision

At Palmers Cross Primary School our vision for science is to provide a curriculum which offers the children the opportunity to explore the world so that they have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.  We aim to nurture children’s curiosity through practical experiences that inspire questions and inquiry. Our children will be life-long learners who continue to have an active role in science.

Science is all around us and is an important part of our daily life.
We are encouraging children to think scientifically about the world around them in a fun and engaging way. 
To support our children to do this we will be providing a range of practical investigations and key facts to discuss, on the newsletter and school website, for you to complete at home. 
Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Mad Science Club Letter

Principles of Science

    Science Policy

March 2018

The winners of our Big Battery Hunt Have been announced.
Congratulations to Class 2 who recycled the most batteries and have earned an extra playtime, and to Kornelia who recycled the most batteries and won her very own science kit.
A recycling bin for batteries will remain in school, so if you do have any batteries that need recycling, please send them into school with your child.
Thank you for your continued support.


Science Learning

March 2018

Four children in Year 6 attended the Lego competition at RAF Cosford! During the full and fun packed day the children had to build a robot for their first task , which had to have an attachment that allowed it to carry a cup of water over a circuit that was already set out,  and each person in the group was observed on their input to the project. During the afternoon and their second task, they had to create a robot that would be good at playing football. After playing many teams, they reached the final and were runners up. The teams were being observed over the day for teamwork, speed, ideas and completing the tasks. When they had finally gathered all the marks at the end of a fun packed day, Palmers Cross Primary were announced the winners.

Well done, we are very proud of you!



January 2017

Year 4 had an exciting visit from Severn Trent to learn about water use and sewage treatment. We found out how water travels around the water cycle and, in groups, we measured out the water use of different families to identify water savers and water wasters. 


Thank you to all Year 4 parents and children that produced such brilliant water cycle projects! 


January 2018

Today Atomic Abbie from Mad Science came to host a 'hands on' science assembly at Palmers Cross. With her she had brought 'Dennis, the fire breathing dragon' who was fantastic! Atomic Abbie showed us several chemistry experiments in her assembly, and will be returning to Palmers on 7.2.17 to host a weekly science club for all our very own mad scientists.


January 2018

Science club have been learning about reactions by making slime this week. 



Nursery have been using their senses to explore the snow.
"It's so cold!"   "I can hear it crunchy!"  "Everywhere's white"

Reception have been launching rockets. They used a variety of different bottles to make their rockets to see which type of bottle would travel the furthest.The children thought the bigger bottles would travel furthest, but it was the smaller that actually went further. I wonder why?


Year 1 

In science we have also been looking at materials and their properties. This week we have sorted materials according to their properties. When discussing the properties we have been using our scientific language. Angel- 'this glass is see through. We can call it transparent'.   


In year 1 our homework project this half term was to build a waterproof boat to rescue Grandpa pig. Everybody has been very busy building and testing their creations.


 Year 2

In Year 2 we have been using our measuring skills to investigate if the tallest child has the largest feet. Our results showed that this is not true.


Year 5

This week in Science we have been looking into water resistance and the forces that act when a boat moves.
We were also lucky enough to have a Staff Governor Mrs Wadge attend the lesson and take part in a boat race.



We have been looking into reversible and irreversible changes in year 5. We have looked at melting butter and mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to see what changes happen.


We have been also been looking at the different parts of a flower. We have labelled them in our books and then dissected a lily to embed our learning. 


Seven Trent came to join us in assembly to talk about looking after our environment by recycling water and saving water.


November 2017

In partnership with the Woodlands Trust, pupils at Palmers Cross Primary School have been planting a variety of different trees within their school grounds to develop a more eco-friendly environment. Pupils were joined by Mr Derek Brown, the chair of governors at Palmers Cross and Mr Guy Belding from the Woodland Trust to plant over 100 saplings. Pupils will continue to nurture the trees as they grow, taking care of their immediate environment. It is hoped that the area where the trees have been planted will be developed into a forest school, where children will be able to expand their experiences of outdoor learning.