March 2018

Class 7 had a fantastic Science week learning all about 'Disgusting Science'. On Tuesday we investigated who the poo (pretend!) belonged to. We also learnt how to make slime/snot by following a set of instructions. In sensory, we explored disgusting textures. Finally on Friday, we learnt all about mould and why it is important to wash our hands!



In Reception, we have been learning about how the germs on our hands can travel. We have learnt how to wash our hands effectively, so we can help to put a stop germs travelling.



Year 1  looked at why the body produces snot and used shaving foam and contact lense solution to make their own snot. 

Then they looked at why we sneeze and measured how far a sneeze could travel, using a syringe and a skeleton skull. The children then squirted the solution through the syringe and out through the nose.



'Year 2 have been learning about mould in our Disgusting Science. We have set up our own investigations to see where bread will turn mouldy the quickest. Lots of us think that the bread we have put by the radiator will turn mouldy first.'


 'Year 2 have had a lovely afternoon making cottage cheese from sour milk! There are some uses for disgusting things!'



Year 5

This week during Science week, we have investigated different types of sick. Our first lesson involved us trying to decide whose sick we had. We had the options: an Ancient Greek civilian, a Tudor civilian or a Word War II solider. We then did a little bit of research on 'what makes us sick?' We then produced a scientific poster looking at micro-organises such as: bacteria, virus and fungi. 



We also investigated the best material to make a sick bag. We asked our own question, predicted and observed what would happen to each material once we applied a teaspoon of fake sick. We are now ready to plan our own sick bag.