Theme Days

Theme Days

Year 5 took part in a NSPCC workshop. We learnt the slogan 'Speak Out Stay Safe'. During the workshop we were asked some tricky questions and we started to think about the right and wrong decisions we can make. We all learnt that abuse is NOT ok and it is NEVER a child's fault.

January 2017

 One of Wolverhampton's Lollipop Ladies volunteered to help show children in Reception and Year 1 how to cross the road safely. The children then took it in turns to show each other how to cross the road.




Year 3 gave an excellent performance to the whole school and a full house of family today! The concert included playing of the ukulele and some fabulous singing!

November 2017

Thank you to all parents and carers for helping us to support this worthwhile cause.
The children raised money by:
- sticking coins onto a Pudsey Bear
- dressing up in rainbow colours and donating 50p
Children also decorated the classroom doors with a Pudsey Face!
We were very impressed with all the coins collected on the Pudsey Bears! Children and staff looked great dressed in rainbow colours!
We raised a massive £420. for this worthwhile cause.





November 2017

On  Friday 3rd November, children from Key Stage 2 watched a live First Aid show during school time  hosted by St John’s Ambulance.
The Big First Aid lesson is a live show which is broadcasted nationally which includes practical elements, animations and interactive activities that aim to give our children lifesaving skills.
This year it was themed around the familiar scenario of Fire-work night, with a ‘Vlog’ presentation style, pupils  observed real-life first aid situations that they could relate to, as well as demonstrations of relevant first
aid techniques, including important bonfire night safety tips.
As this event is run by St John’s Ambulance it aims to make first aid accessible, easy to learn and fun to all ages.



November 2017

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the reading workshop. Find below information explaining how we teach reading in KS2 and ways to help your child.





October 2017

Year 5 hosted a fantastic Harvest assembly this year.
All the kind donations received from friends and families of Palmers Cross were donated to the Good Shepherd in Wolverhampton.
Thank you to everybody for their continued support.

July 2017

Early Years had a fantastic day at their Ugly Bug Ball. They went on a bug hunt, made spider biscuits, enjoyed art and craft activities and even had time for some party dances and games. The children even came dressed as their favourite bug.


June 2017

Palmers Cross opened its doors to our dads, grandads, uncles, and brothers to celebrate Father's Day 2017. The children had bacon baps with their male relatives, followed by outdoor sporting activities and board games.


May 2017

This year Palmers Cross hosted a fitness day to encourage pupils at Palmers Cross to make healthy choices. Children participated in several forms of exercise from dance to obstacle courses, and also attended healthy living workshops throughout the day.



March 2017

Reception and Year 1 hosted a lovely Mother's Day assembly for Palmers Cross Mums. The assembly was followed by tea and cake, and some art and crafts back in the classrooms. We had a fantastic time!