February 2019

Well done Class 2 for competing really well as excellent team players in the Aldersley multi skills event!


February 2019

Class 5 have worked really hard creating their own Greek Myths. 



 In French we have been looking at animals. En Français, nous avons examine les animaux.

Check out this awesome maths work!


In Geography, we have been researching the impact humans have had on the Amazon Rainforest.  Children have used a range of sources to locate some of the physical features in South America. We used laptops, books and videos to help locate each feature. 

Class 5 have been looking at instructions in English. They have been using precise language, adverbs, imperative verbs, time conjunctions and a range of sentences lengths. 

In Science this week we used Newton meters to measure the force of a range of items. We then used our results to produce a bar chart. 

Boat Race!
The most streamlined boat will create the least water resistance, and will move through the water the fastest.
Which one will win? 


Class 5, have been looking into how to code their own dance routine. They picked their own song, character, dance moves and backgrounds. Dab, high clap, dab! 





 January 2019

Class 7 went to RAF Cosford  as part of our History Topic Transport.

The children had a tiring day but really enjoyed themselves. They got to sit in an old aeroplane and watch some videos of them in action.

In the Fun and Flight area  we got to try out different activities. We were really excited and didn't want to leave.



January 2019

Class four had an exciting history lesson, finding out about the role of an archaeologist. We looked at a variety of artefacts and discussed what they might tell us about the past.

January 2019

Palmers played Christ Church at home on the 24th of January, after a  hard fought match , where both teams put all they had into the game , Christ church were victorious, winning 5-10. Both teams played in a good spirit until the end.

January 2019

A huge well done to Palmers Cross for winning their first match against Elston Hall 4-2. It was a super close game! Congratulations to Jahnieh for being named player of the match!

January 2019

Class 1 had a lovely day learning all about Road Safety and how we can keep ourselves safe when crossing the road. We learnt what a Lollypop person would do to help us, how we can hold hands with a grown up when crossing the road and we even learnt a song to help us remember what to do when we cross the road. 






Thursday 17th January

Please be aware that there will not be a crossing patrol on Pendeford Avenue tomorrow (Friday 18th January 2019).

January 2018

Class 2 had a great time taking part in Active literacy, we built a rocket and are ready to blast off into our next chapter next week. 

January 2019

CLICK HERE for a practise and revision guide for Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary. 


Happy New Year!

We hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and look forward to seeing the children safely back in school on Tuesday 8th January 2019.