17th April 2020

As we reach the end of what would have been our Easter holiday, I hope you are all keeping safe and managing in these difficult times to enjoy time with your families. We now know of course that we face another three weeks of ‘lockdown’, though whisper the information that a return to school before the summer is at least on the discussion agenda but not yet with any firm proposals.
The main purpose of this briefing is to underline the apology, on behalf of National Government for the delay in the process and delivery’ of vouchers to our FSM families. Like many schools we chose three weeks ago to use the official voucher scheme recommended by the Government which would deliver vouchers straight to home emails – as you know we have been contacting our FSM families regularly by text. Despite some excellent work by our admin team and school leaders the national system is struggling to cope with the expectation and we have great difficulty in making contact with them. We know many other schools are sharing this frustration and but can assure families that we will continue to ensure all our systems have been fully completed.
Best wishes

Kevin Grayson

April 2020

Whilst staying at home the children and parents have done a lovely job of making stay safe posters.

One of our parents is a key worker at New Cross. She wanted to express her thanks for the posters and cards that the key workers' children have made.

"The pictures have made me cry they are just beautiful.
I will make sure each and every one is displayed. Thank you!

From all the NhS staff and patients."

7th April 2020
As we reach what is often the most refreshing school holiday, we are faced with some of the most challenging circumstances our country has seen in recent times.

In our schools, we are doing our best to ensure opportunities for learning are always available on our website and continually brought up to date. We continue to keep Elston Hall open for our ‘Trust’ front line workers and vulnerable families. We have moved to use the Government Voucher Scheme for Free School Meal families to begin after Easter.

I am very grateful to staff from all our schools across the Trust who are contributing to these efforts alongside the personal concerns this brings.

We will continue to review our current procedures and ensure we reflect any national changes and expectations. We do ensure that our ‘school email’ is monitored daily so please use this as a way to keep in touch, ask questions and check things out. While each school’s website remains central in our communication with you all.

Our schools are missing their children, our teachers are too – we just hope like everyone else that we can be back to normal as soon as possible.

All staff in our Trust would join me in these sentiments - Where possible, we hope you are able to enjoy some of this Easter Holiday with your family.
Kevin Grayson

April 2020

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID 19 situation all educational visits and events have been cancelled for the rest of this academic year.

Text messages will be sent to the relevant year groups regarding refunds.

March 2020

Unfortunately as the situation becomes more challenging, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain staffing levels, therefore childcare for all Trust schools will take place at Elston Hall Primary School from Thursday 26th March.

Please see letters under 'Parents' tab for information regarding childcare for key workers.

You may wish to CLICK HERE for the Government Website. 

Department of Education have a helpline up and running to answer questions about COVID19 related to education.

Parents can contact the helpline on the number below.

March 2020

Year 2 had so much fun dressing up in their costumes for world book day today.


Nursery celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of their favourite characters.

Class 3 dressed in some amazing costumes and enjoyed talking about the characters that they were dressed as.


Class 2 also had a lovely time sharing their reading and writing with reception.


Some super costumes in Year 4!

Year 6 enjoying reading!