elcome back to School. We hope you have had an exciting and enjoyable Christmas!
In Reception we are active learners and over the spring term we will continue to support your children with the daily routine and their learning.  The children will continue to be given many opportunities to develop their critical thinking, explore their own skills and actively learn.   Within literacy the children will develop their phoneme, word and sentence construction and develop their letter formation.  In Mathematics they will develop their number recognition skills, ability to count accurately and solve practical number problems alongside forming the numbers correctly.  Our topics will focus on learning about ‘Transport’ and then move on to ‘Farm’ where we will be developing our communication, understanding, exploration and design skills through a range of activities such as role play, art skill development and discussion time.

Mother's Day Celebrations




January 2017

 One of Wolverhampton's Lollipop Ladies volunteered to help show children in Reception and Year 1 how to cross the road safely. The children then took it in turns to show each other how to cross the road.


Your child will be taught through a mixture of teacher led, teacher guided and child initiated learning, both indoors and outdoors.    

Please ensure your child brings their coat to school each day so they are suitably clothed for outdoor activities (wellingtons if wet weather), PE will take place on both a Tuesday and Friday, so their PE kit will be kept in school. We will send home PE kits at the end of each term.
We operate an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to speak to myself, Mrs Harper,  if you have any questions, I will be available at the classroom doors at 8:30am and end of school 3:00pm.   
We are looking forward to an exciting term of learning.  Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Harper

Reception Class Teacher

Autumn Term

   Supporting Children In Need