Welcome to Reception!

We hope that you have had an exciting and enjoyable summer.

In Reception, we are active learners and over the autumn term, we will be supporting your children to settle into their new environment and routine as well as introducing them to their learning. The children will be given many opportunities to develop their critical thinking, explore their own skills and actively learn. This will continue throughout their time in Reception. Within literacy the children will develop their phoneme, word and sentence construction and develop their letter formation. Mathematics will develop their number recognition skills, counting accurately and solving practical number problems alongside forming the numbers correctly. Our topic is called “A pirates life” and will focus on learning about ourselves and our families through pirate stories and developing our communication, understanding, exploration and design skills through a range of activities such as role play, art skill development and discussion time.

Your child will be taught through a mixture of teacher led, teacher guided and child initiated learning, both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, please ensure your child brings their coat to school each day so they are suitably clothed for outdoor activities.

Every Wednesday the children will spend time exploring the outdoor environment and participate in woodland activities. Please ensure that your child has some old clothes and a pair of wellies in a carrier bag for these sessions.

PE will take place every Wednesday and Thursday.

PE kits shall be kept in school until the end of each term. We recommend that you include both indoor and outdoor footwear for child, along with a tracksuit for the colder months.

At Palmers Cross, we encourage the children to become independent learners so please ensure that all clothes, shoes and bags have your child’s name on.

We operate an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to speak to myself, Miss Biffin, if you have any questions or messages, I will be available at the classroom doors at 8:30am and end of school 3:00pm.

We are looking forward to a fun filled year of learning.

Miss Biffin


June 2021

Reception had a fantastic seaside day. We were lucky the weather stayed nice. The children started the day with a magician and Punch and Judy show. This involved a lot of laughter from all. What great entertainment! They then (a lot for the first time) went on a pony ride around the field. Following on from a British summer lunch of fish and chips, the children enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream van. We ended a fantastic day with the paddling pools and a water fight. It was a fantastic day filled with lots of memories.



July 2020

Thank you for an amazing year.  

 CLICK HERE to see some of our memories from this year!

Mrs Kendall and Mrs Jones have been very busy these past weeks. They have been working on a surprise for all our Eyfs children. They have painted, repaired, jet washed and cleaned and worked so hard to make sure you all have a beautiful area to learn in.

We can't wait to see you exploring in your new environment. We hope you love it as much as we do!







CLICK HERE for information for parents/carers of children starting Reception in September 2020.




April 2020

Whilst staying at home the children and parents have done a lovely job of making stay safe posters.

February 2020

The children had a fantastic Australia day in Reception. They used their senses to complete bush tucker trails including taste tests, smell tests and feely boxes. They also learnt about aboriginal art and had a go at their own. We finished our day with a Aussie BBQ.




January 2020

We have had an amazing week in reception. We started the week with our inspiration day where we explored the story of the three little pigs. The children acted out the story using different props and resources. Then in the afternoon the children carried out a science experiment to see which material would withstand the wolf blowing it down. They made predictions using a pictorgram, drew out their house designs, then worked in groups to create houses out of different materials.
The children then have looked at materials houses are built out of and made their own houses from junk modelling. We used these junk modelling houses to direct the beebot around the room to different houses.

The children really enjoyed our local walk. We looked at the different types of houses we had been learning about. We also looked what other provisions were in our local community. The children were really well behaved and stayed safe through out the trip. They enjoyed taking it in turns on the local park.


November 2019

This week we have had lots of learning and fun with our inspiration day when we had our own bonfire. The children followed a recipe to create vegetable soup. Explored how chocolate changes when we made our edible sparklers. We constructed our own bonfire using natural resources outside and created a firework display using powder paints exploring how colours change.



As part of our topic 'Lets Celebrate' the children really enjoyed learning about why we wear poppies. They used different materials to create their own poppies and pictures of Flanders Field.
They also worked very hard on the big fitness for child in need and participating in activities about Children in Need.




October 2019

As the end celebration for our topic 'All About Me' Reception have really enjoyed sharing their art and topic work with their families. They were proud of their achievements and have all worked very hard. 



During Welly Wednesday reception enjoyed learning about their senses and beginning to explore the sense of touch. They painted mud on each others faces and talked about how the mud felt on their skin.


We have painted our own self portraits and looked at the artist Guiseppe and created our own faces using fruit and vegetables. 

We have been learning about harvest and have had lots of fun making bread and exploring how it changed when we mixed the ingredients together and cooked it.

April 2019

Class 7 and Reception had a fantastic day at Rays Farm on our school trip. We had a tour of the farm where the children learnt all about the different animals and how to look after them. They were allowed to feed some of the animals and had the opportunity to go in with the goats so they could stroke them. Whilst we were on our visit we were fortunate enough to see a baby goat minutes after it was born.
Following a nice picnic on the grass we went on an adventure into the woodlands where we explored the sculptures from different stories and nursery rhymes. We used these sculptures to retell the stories. The children had a brilliant day with lovely weather and learnt a lot about how the farm runs.


November 2018

Look at the fantastic faces made using fruit and vegetables.


We have been celebrating bonfire night in Reception.
We made fireworks, sparklers, a Guy Fawkes and a bonfire. We even drew our own pictures and made paintings of fireworks in the night sky.


Making Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns for Diwali.


Reception had a lovely time celebrating Remembrance day. We pretended to be soldiers marching, we used pastels to create pictures of Flanders field and we designed medals for people we thought deserved them.



The children have been busy working on their phonic knowledge ready for early reading.

Reception have been on a shape hunt. They were fantastic shape detectives.



We have been making leaf loaves, ready for Welly Wednesday!


Reception have been enjoying dressing up in the role play area.
Oh no! What's going on here? The Big Bad Wolf has arrived with the police!

Spring Term 2018

Mother's Day Celebrations




January 2017

 One of Wolverhampton's Lollipop Ladies volunteered to help show children in Reception and Year 1 how to cross the road safely. The children then took it in turns to show each other how to cross the road.



Autumn Term

   Supporting Children In Need