We hope that you and your children had a very enjoyable Christmas break and we would like to welcome everyone back to the start of a new term and new year.

This Year we are looking at a thematic approach to learning where we will have a theme and all learning will be related to that theme. 

Our learning will take place indoors and outdoors with a wide range of activities to enable the children to explore and achieve.
Please ensure your child brings their coat to school each day so they are suitably clothed for outdoor activities. If you could send in a pair of jogging bottoms and wellingtons that can stay in school clearly labelled with child’s name. PE kits need to be in school daily as children access PE on different days of the week.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss H Garrington.

April 2019

Class 7 and Reception had a fantastic day at Rays Farm on our school trip. We had a tour of the farm where the children learnt all about the different animals and how to look after them. They were allowed to feed some of the animals and had the opportunity to go in with the goats so they could stroke them. Whilst we were on our visit we were fortunate enough to see a baby goat minutes after it was born.
Following a nice picnic on the grass we went on an adventure into the woodlands where we explored the sculptures from different stories and nursery rhymes. We used these sculptures to retell the stories. The children had a brilliant day with lovely weather and learnt a lot about how the farm runs.


December 2018

We have been very busy in Class 7.

Thank you to all parent/carers who attended our speech and communication workshop. We looked at current Speech and Language targets and how parents could support their children with these at home.



We wrote letters to Santa and then went for a walk to the post box to post them. We really enjoyed this and are hoping to get a reply!



May 18th 2018

Look at our fantastic efforts for our 'Family homework challenge' to recreate the famous sunflower painting.



We have been working hard in phonics.




Royal Wedding Celebrations

 April 23rd 2018

Class 7 celebrated St Georges day by learning about the story of 'George and the Dragon'.
We made a flag using tissue paper and acted out the story of 'George and the Dragon' outside in mixed ability pairs and masks.



During whole class reading (WCR) one group were retrieving information from a play script about a weather forecast. After the lesson, children decided to act out the script and deliver their own weather forecast to the rest of the class! Well done boys!


Look at our new display and the fantastic things we enjoy and are good at! To celebrate 'Autism Awareness month' class 7 discussed what made them special and things that they were good at.  Children also gave someone in the class a compliment on something they were good at. We all left circle time feeling really good about ourselves!


Look at our amazing homework about Christopher Columbus- well done!


Science Week

March 2018

Class 7 had a fantastic Science week learning all about 'Disgusting Science'. On Tuesday we investigated who the poo (pretend!) belonged to. We also learnt how to make slime/snot by following a set of instructions. In sensory, we explored disgusting textures. Finally on Friday, we learnt all about mould and why it is important to wash our hands!



This week (12th March) we have started a reading buddies system during ERIC time to increase the confidence and reading abilities of the children.

Children have been put into groups of 2 or 3. They are taking on either the 'teacher' or 'reader' role and swap daily, hearing each other read.



Chinese New Year Celebrations 

February 2018

Class 7 celebrated ‘Chinese New Year’ by learning about the traditions celebrated in China.
Children made a Chinese drum using Chinese writing and features the ‘Year of the Dog’
Finally we shared fortune cookies with each other and learnt about their significance.


Carol Concert for Parents

December 2017

November 2017

Tree Planting