Welcome back to the new school year, we hope the children are well and are looking forward to Year 1 at Palmers Cross. The children appear to be settling in well and are enthusiastic to make a start on their new learning! We have a fantastic topic this term called ‘Alien Invasion’! We cannot wait to meet our classroom visitor and show them our Class 1 learning!

The Autumn term is always a busy time for children in Year 1. In Maths we will start by building on their experiences in Reception and children will begin to understand the value of numbers. They will solve additions using apparatus, mental strategies, number tracks and number lines. Later on in the term we will use the same skills to solve subtraction. In English, we will be concentrating on sentence construction and the use of simple punctuation. There will also be a strong focus on grammar, phonics and spelling. In Science, we will be learning the names for body parts and investigate the five senses. Children will then move on to learning about and investigating everyday materials. The topic of ‘Alien Invasion’ will be a running theme throughout all of our foundation subjects this term and children will have a variety of alien themed learning activities to take part in.

Children in Year 1 will receive regular Maths and English homework and creative homework (purple book) will continue be given out half-termly throughout the year.

Phonics will initially be class based this year, with groups within the class. Children will receive spellings on a Friday, to be tested on the following Friday. Children will continue to receive reading books linked to their ability from school.

PE sessions for Class 1 will take place on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Please be aware that these sessions may be flexible, therefore children need a PE kit in school at all times. As we get into the winter months, children will need an outdoor kit. Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days.

Children will enter and leave school through the KS1 door on the front playground. Late children will need to report to the main office.

We look forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your child has a fantastic time in Year 1. If you have any questions/queries now or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to speak to us. Your child’s class teacher will usually be available at the end of each day too. Thank you for your continued support.

Miss C Hancock
Year 1 Class Teacher


March 2021

Class 1 are making us proud with their home learning.


November 2020

Today we were season detectives in Year One. We went on a walk around the school grounds to look for signs to help us identify which season we are in at the moment.
What season do you think we thought it was?

Children in Year One have being supporting Anti-Bullying week today by wearing odd socks.

We have been exploring how to make a slider mechanism to make pictures move.
We made a bunny pop up out of a top hat, and a car move along the road.

We learnt how to make pictures move by using a pivot.
As it was Children in Need, we made a picture of Pudsey the bear wave.


After watching a weather forecast today, the children in year one have been taking on the role as the weather presenter giving their own weather reports based on the weather symbols provided.
The weather in the UK was not very good!

Today we used our knowledge of sliders and pivot to make our own moving pictures for Paddington bear to send to Aunt Lucy.


October 2020

Writing simple sentence in English. A super effort  - Well done!
Fantastic Maths, representing numbers up to 100 using dienes. What a fantastic job!
In science the children have been learning all about their senses. Today we explored our sense of smell, after Zog had left us some mystery pots. I think Zog tricked us, because some of the pots were very smelly!
9th October - Year one were super mystery detectives in RE. They were able to find all clues and solve the secret mystery fact about one of our Palmers Cross teachers.
8th October - Children in Year One had such good fun following Paddington's map around school yesterday, that they decided to make more treasure maps at home and bring them into school to share with each other.
7th October - Year One we followed a map of our school to find the secret treasure Paddington Bear had hidden for us.
2nd October - We have been working hard this morning to help Paddington Bear sort physical and human features in Geography.
Children in year one have been busy using technology to gather information. Today they had to take photographs of our classroom for Paddington Bear to send back home to his Aunt Lucy.

1st October 2020

Year One have enjoyed lots of fun activities based around making History during Lockdown 2020. We pretended to be bubbles as we learnt all about social distancing, and we talked about the special people we have inside our bubble. We talked about how germs spread, and the importance of keeping our hands clean. We also had lots of fun making rainbow biscuits, and making shakers to clap a thank fo rthe NHS workers. We had a fantastic day in year 1!



January 2020

Thank you to parents and carers who attended the phonics meeting.

CLICK HERE for the information we shared.


Year 1 children have a busy term ahead in phonics. There are some great links and tips for parents at  Oxford Owl