Class 1 are making us proud with their home learning.
The spring term is always a busy time for children in Year 1, but certainly a fun filled learning experience. This spring term, the children will be continuing to learn with Paddington bear during their thematic topic, ‘Paddington the Wanderer’. It is during this topic that the children will explore iconic places within Wolverhampton, and the art behind the hidden wolf statues within the city. As the topic develops, the children will see Paddington bear meet new animal friends and decide to travel around the UK with them and the circus. It is then that the children will explore their own musical talents and creative movements, as well as develop their geography skills in familiarising themselves with the four countries of the UK.

In English, the children will continue writing sentences using capital letters and full stops, and then begin to use question marks and exclamation marks in their writing. Children will be encouraged to use the conjunction ‘and’, sentence openers and adjectives to improve their writing. We will also be looking at stories and encouraging the children to sequence sentences to form short narratives.

Phonics will continue to be taught each day, as the children concentrate on further developing their phonic knowledge and understanding in order to prepare themselves for the phonic screening test, which will take place in June. More information will made available to parents regarding this later in the term.

In Maths we will be counting forwards and backwards in ones, fives and tens up to 100. Children will continue recognising place value beyond 20. They will continue to practise adding and subtracting two numbers together including word problems and will continue to practise reciting number bonds to 5, 10 and then 20.

Science will cover two different aspects this term. We will begin with the children studying the weather - how it affects our environment and how the seasons change with focus primarily on observations of winter. We will then be looking at animals - recognising and naming different animals and discovering and identifying their different diet, care and habitats.

Homework in Year 1 will continue, with Maths and English being sent out alternatively each week, along with a half termly creative project linked to our topic. Spellings will continue to be sent home each Friday, and children will be tested on these the following Thursday.

In year 1, reading is the most effective way to help support your child learning at home. Therefore, reading books will be sent home more frequently this term to ensure that your child has regular opportunities to read at home throughout the week. Please feel assured that health and safety measures are in place to ensure the safety of this to As their reading progresses your child will be given a blue reading comprehension book to answer questions which are usually found inside the front cover of their reading book.

P.E will continue to take place on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times, that is clearly labelled with their name. In the interests of safety no jewellery, including earrings, should be worn on PE days.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to myself. I will usually be available at the end of each day. Thank you for your continued support.

We have much to be excited about for the spring term and we look forward to a term packed full of learning and progress.

Mrs Harper.

Mrs Harper
(Class 1 teacher)

November 2020

Today we were season detectives in Year One. We went on a walk around the school grounds to look for signs to help us identify which season we are in at the moment.
What season do you think we thought it was?

Children in Year One have being supporting Anti-Bullying week today by wearing odd socks.

We have been exploring how to make a slider mechanism to make pictures move.
We made a bunny pop up out of a top hat, and a car move along the road.

We learnt how to make pictures move by using a pivot.
As it was Children in Need, we made a picture of Pudsey the bear wave.


After watching a weather forecast today, the children in year one have been taking on the role as the weather presenter giving their own weather reports based on the weather symbols provided.
The weather in the UK was not very good!

Today we used our knowledge of sliders and pivot to make our own moving pictures for Paddington bear to send to Aunt Lucy.


October 2020

Writing simple sentence in English. A super effort  - Well done!
Fantastic Maths, representing numbers up to 100 using dienes. What a fantastic job!
In science the children have been learning all about their senses. Today we explored our sense of smell, after Zog had left us some mystery pots. I think Zog tricked us, because some of the pots were very smelly!
9th October - Year one were super mystery detectives in RE. They were able to find all clues and solve the secret mystery fact about one of our Palmers Cross teachers.
8th October - Children in Year One had such good fun following Paddington's map around school yesterday, that they decided to make more treasure maps at home and bring them into school to share with each other.
7th October - Year One we followed a map of our school to find the secret treasure Paddington Bear had hidden for us.
2nd October - We have been working hard this morning to help Paddington Bear sort physical and human features in Geography.
Children in year one have been busy using technology to gather information. Today they had to take photographs of our classroom for Paddington Bear to send back home to his Aunt Lucy.

1st October 2020

Year One have enjoyed lots of fun activities based around making History during Lockdown 2020. We pretended to be bubbles as we learnt all about social distancing, and we talked about the special people we have inside our bubble. We talked about how germs spread, and the importance of keeping our hands clean. We also had lots of fun making rainbow biscuits, and making shakers to clap a thank fo rthe NHS workers. We had a fantastic day in year 1!



January 2020

Thank you to parents and carers who attended the phonics meeting.

CLICK HERE for the information we shared.


Year 1 children have a busy term ahead in phonics. There are some great links and tips for parents at  Oxford Owl



March 2020

We have been learning about Monday and the value of different coins. Some of our children worked in pairs to sort the coins into groups based on their values. 
We really went all out on Friday for Sports relief. We even had the Jamaican flag on a bow. It was a bright classroom in Class 1!

February 2020

In French this week, Class 1 began learning and practising to recognise and say the numbers 1-6.
We listened to the teacher say the numbers in French and then we chose the number we thought it was and repeated saying it in French ourselves.
Muhammed did really well recognising his numbers 1-6 and was very fluent in his French.
Alby and Hamza worked together to find the correct number and after Class Harrison was able to tell me that he knew 7 in French is Sept.


January 2020

Class 1 had an amazing morning with their parents getting active with warm up games and then working in teams to score points. It was great fun for all and competition was high but the children showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the morning. They represented our school amazingly! Well done Class 1!


In science this week we have been putting down our knowledge of materials by looking at a number of objects and thinking of scientific words that we could use to describe how they felt.
We also discussed what materials we knew about already before we begin to learn about which material we think would be best for a space suit.
Look out for our experiments to see what we find out!


Today we had our inspiration day to launch our Paddington's space mission topic.
We helped Paddington go to the moon by making rockets and testing how far they would go.
Liam decided his rocket would go the furthest because it had less tissue paper which made it lighter.
He was correct in his prediction! Well done Liam.
We did a space dance with Paddington on the moon and in the afternoon had tickly fun making footprint alien paintings. It was messy! What a great day we had!


September 2019

Children in Year 1 showing their counting skills using different objects.


 In science we went for a nature walk to look for signs of Summer and Autumn noticing that Summer was ending and Autumn was beginning to show.

January 2019

Class 1 had a lovely day learning all about Road Safety and how we can keep ourselves safe when crossing the road. We learnt what a Lollypop person would do to help us, how we can hold hands with a grown up when crossing the road and we even learnt a song to help us remember what to do when we cross the road. 



November 2018

Remembrance day was a lovely day for Class 1. We were all very excited to make our poppies to display outside of school ready for our Remembrance day in school. On the day we made beautiful Flanders fields pictures using masking tape, paint and poppies. We also wrote our own instructions about how to make a poppy biscuit and then in the afternoon followed them to make our own biscuits. Yummy! It was a lovely day to remember those who gave their lives for us. Thank you!




October 2018

In science we have been exploring our senses including our sense of touch to see if we can figure out what something is by feeling items and not looking at them. This helped us understand that our sense of touch helps us understand the world around us. 

Congratulations to our newly elected school councillors!


In our English we have been learning all about instructions. We spent some time following written instructions to make different craft items such as a paper plate fish. 



Photos from2017/2018

Year 1 were taken back in time and visited a Victorian school where they were taught by a Victorian teacher, in a Victorian classroom, whilst wearing Victorian clothes. They were given a short Maths and English lesson and were even required to write on a slate board. The children were then able to explore the Victorian town and experience what life was like for a Victorian child.






Spring Term

January 2017

 One of Wolverhampton's Lollipop Ladies volunteered to help show children in Reception and Year 1 how to cross the road safely. The children then took it in turns to show each other how to cross the road.



Autumn Term

  Children In Need

In science we have also been looking at materials and their properties. This week we have sorted materials according to their properties. When discussing the properties we have been using our scientific language. Angel- 'this glass is see through. We can call it transparent'.   


In year 1 our homework project this half term was to build a waterproof boat to rescue Grandpa pig. Everybody has been very busy building and testing their creations.


In DT we have been learning how to prepare food safely and hygienically. This week we prepared salads and chopped the vegetables using taught grips such as 'the claw' and 'the bridge'. We really enjoyed tasting what we made, all our hard work made it taste even more delicious.


 As part of our learning about black history month we learnt about great sportsmen. We then painted a portrait of Muhammed Ali using skills from our art topic.


As part of remembrance day we created poppies using different drawing techniques. we found that 'dotting' was a really effective method.