Shugborough Residential - Year 2 - March 2018

Shugborough Hall


Year 2 will be visiting Shugborough Hall for a 2 day residential between 20th and 21st March 2018

See below for updates.

We have had a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing you all!



After a good nights sleep we are all packed and ready for another fun packed day!!!


Boys are ready too!

We all had our jobs to do, ours was tidying the dining room...look moms and dads, we can now do this at home!!



Teams C and D are working well together to paint their own tribal flags.




Enjoying the fire lighting... we promise not to try this at home!

Finally lunchtime - we are starving!


We've been very busy designing our own tribal headbands. We have made symbols for things that mean something to us. Off to lunch soon - we are all very hungry!




We've been busy little bees making our beds ready for tonight. Now we're off to start our first activity!


Year 2 are buckled in and off on their adventures!!! We'll see you tomorrow!!