Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Easter holiday! The Summer term is a busy time for children in Year 3, with lots of new learning taking place, consolidating previously learnt skills and applying the new skills they have learned.

As mathematicians in Year 3, the children will be starting the term by converting and comparing measures, finding the perimeter of different shapes and learning about their properties. We will also end the term learning about time. Throughout the term, children will also apply their knowledge of written methods and times tables to a variety of problems. Additional support at home with times tables would be very much appreciated.

As writers, we will continue to link to our English lessons to our Thematic Curriculum where possible. Children will be learning to use a range of descriptive techniques in their writing, including similes, expanded noun phrases, and adverbs.

In our Science lessons, we will begin by learning about plants and then experiment with light. Our thematic topic this term is entitled “Around the World”. As Geographers, we will travel to a variety of countries, learning about their human and physical geography. We will be using our DT, Art and Music skills to replicate elements of each country’s culture.

PE continues to be taught on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings. In the interest of Health and Safety, no jewellery, including earrings, should be worn on PE days as children will be asked to remove them. Please also ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times; PE kits can be purchased from the school office. We will continue with morning toast up until close of register and should you wish, children can bring a piece of fruit to school for their morning snack.

Children will continue to receive homework in their purple books. Some of the homework they receive will be online on either their Purple Mash, Education City, My Maths, Maths Rock Stars or Oxford Owl log on. Details of this will be written in their homework book. We will also be asking children to complete journal activities, examples of which are on the first page of their journal books. our support at home is so valuable with this, and helps your child make super progress – thank you for helping continue their learning at home!

Alongside their class learning, the children will continue to receive visits from the Wolverhampton Music service each week. Children will be applying their knowledge of pitch and rhythm to an instrument, such as the ukulele. Instruments will be sanitised before and after use and social distancing is maintained throughout the session.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will usually be available at the end of each day. We anticipate a busy and exciting term ahead and we thank you for your continued support.

Miss Lewis

March 2020

Class 3 dressed in some amazing costumes and enjoyed talking about the characters that they were dressed as.


February 2020

Class 3 impressed everybody with what they have learned about the recorder. They demonstrated their ability to accompany a piece of music using the three different notes that they have been taught. Well done to everybody involved.

September 2019

Year 3 were able to survive their Stone Age day. They have been taught a lot of new skills and had a fantastic time.

Class 3 have been putting their research skills to the test to discover how humans survived the ice age.

Class 3 are learning how to use a 'safe' search engine to find out about how humans survived during an ice age.
Year 3 have been working well together in teams to think of ideas for our 'Class Charter'.

July 2019

Class 3 had fun during their French Day. Their favourite part was tasting different food with their families. I don't think many people liked the ratatouille!


Class 3 enjoyed their visit to Wroxeter. They learned about the baths and Elsa was in charge of the Roman coins that we could spend while we were there.


May 2019

Class 3 have been carefully measuring different volumes in Maths today.

April 2019

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Jaguar Land Rover. They were treated to a tour of the factory where they learned how man and machine work together to build the engines. The children had to use their scientific knowledge to test the friction of different surfaces. In the afternoon, the children were put to the test in the Engenious Challenge! The challenge involved building a model of a four cylinder internal combustion engine with moving pistons and crankshaft. Class 3 worked really well in their teams and made us very proud.


March 2019

Celebrating World Book Day!

January 2019

 Class 3 enjoyed identifying fossils in Science.

November 2018

Class 3 produced some excellent pieces of work on remembrance day.  They enjoyed writing their own poems and making their own poppy wreaths and biscuits.


Photos from 2017/2018

To bring an end to our Roman History topic this term, class 3 were lucky enough to visit Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery where they thoroughly enjoyed hands on experience with real Roman artefacts and become real life Romans. This included a number of activities such as dressing up as the Roman's did, marching as Roman soldiers and discovering many different remains that have been found in Britain to come to their own conclusion about how they lived their lives. Thank you Class 3 for a wonderful day of joy and representing our school so beautifully!




 Spring Term

Year 3 gave an excellent performance to the whole school and a full house of family, that included playing of the ukulele and some fabulous singing!


March 2018

Baritones Concert

After 7 weeks of learning to play the Cornet and Baritone, class 3 enjoyed  their music concert to mark the end of their lessons. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play these brass instruments and look forward to begin playing the Djembe drum next term. Thanks to all parents who joined us for this musical morning. 




Chinese New Year Celebrations

February 2018

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Class 3 spent the afternoon creating Chinese drums with paper plates, lolly sticks, string and beads before decorating them with Chinese symbols. They worked together to thread the beads which was particularly hard but made some fantastic piece of art and music.