Welcome back after the summer break. We hope that you have had an enjoyable holiday!

This year we are continuing to adopt an exciting, thematic approach to teaching. This allows children to make connections between areas of learning and consolidate skills. All the themes chosen deliver the programmes of study for the National Curriculum. MFL, R.E and Science will continue to be taught discretely.

In Class 4 this term, we will be developing our understanding of place value, including ordering, comparing, rounding numbers and Roman numerals. The four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) will be at the heart of our maths learning with methods that are more formal, then being used and then applied through problems. There will be a strong focus on times tables, rapidly recalling them in preparation for the National Multiplication Test.

This term, in English, will focus on a suspense unit, followed by Newspaper writing linked to our topic of Lost at Sea. The children will be encouraged to use a variety of vocabulary, conjunctions, fronted adverbials and punctuation in order to engage the reader and make their writing exciting. We will continue to work on spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPaG) throughout the year during daily starter activities.

In Science, we will be learning about ‘States of Matter’. They will be exploring solids, liquids, gases, and the processes of heating, cooling, freezing and melting as well as the water cycle. The children will have the opportunity to design and carry out a variety of experiments, selecting the most appropriate ways to record their work.

Our PE sessions are on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times. In the interests of safety, no jewellery, including earrings, should be worn on PE days.

Children in Class 4 receive regular homework. Spellings will be given out weekly. Children will be expected to complete a reading journal of their choice after every book. Children should aim to complete at least one reading journal activity per week (examples of reading journals activities will be stuck inside their Reading Journal Book). Additional creative homework (purple book) will also be given out throughout the year.

This gives a brief outline of your child’s day but should be viewed as a guide only, as it is often necessary to change lessons as circumstances within school dictate. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will usually be available at the end of each day. Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Dudley and Mrs Walker-Laver

 November 2020

Check us out deconstructing a text in English - we were able to find a lavish amount of amazing grammatical skills.


Look at our Science learning and our reading reward display! 


Check out our amazing writing! 


We have worked really hard in Topic with our Fanta-Sea Topic.


How much do gases weight? Well that's what Class 4 found out! We got a little messy!!!


Class 4 had a great time on Census Day looking at Henry VIII. 


Class 4 really enjoyed CIN. We completed maths problems, read about why we donate to the charity, had a colouring competition and worked together to make a giant class Pudsey. What amazing team work!


Rocking out to our times tables!


Lighting up the room with our circuits! 



Class 4 have enjoyed finding the perimeter and area of different shapes. 


January 2020 

Year 4 enjoying P.E with their parents.