We hope that you and your children have had a very enjoyable Easter break, and we would like to welcome the children back, ready for the summer term.

During this term, the children will be continuing their learning about ‘Amazing Africa’ in their topic lessons, please refer to the curriculum overview for more information. After half-term, we intend to begin our new topic of the ‘Victorious Vikings’. In Science, the children will be looking at the life cycle of plants. English and Mathematics will continue to be taught daily and focus on key writing skills and mathematical calculations.

Year 5 PE sessions are:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times; PE kits can be purchased from the school office.

Year 5 homework will consist of weekly spellings, home reading and an English or maths task. This term, we will be setting our homework online; each week, your child will receive a piece of maths set on MyMaths and a piece of English set on EducationCity or PurpleMash

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Thank you so much for your continued support over lockdown and we are looking forward to some normality back at school.

Mrs Priest.

 January 2020

We had fun looking at how tectonic plates work.


Class 5 had a great time orally presenting a news broadcast


Class 5 have enjoyed dissecting a lily. They managed to find the female and male parts.


 Look at our map work! We're loving looking into Africa!!


During PSHEE we have looked at what we would spend £5, £50, £500 on.


Class 5 enjoyed their Africa Day. They have created African jewellery, African masks, research African cuisine, designed an African flag and completed some African weaving.



October 2019

Class 5's moon buggies are starting to take shape. 



September 2019

Class 5's fantastic poetry competition entries. Good luck everyone! 

Class 5 have been investigating air resistance. They have been learning about the control variable, independent variable and the dependent variable. 


In Topic, we have been researching the moon landing and we have written our own newspaper articles. 


Class 5 had a space-tastic time using virtual reality to look at the different planets, the moon landing and the Milky Way Galaxy. 


Class 5 have been using cards to make their own 5 and 6 digit numbers. 
What's the greatest number you can make out of these digits? 
4, 7, 6, 9, 0, 1 


Class 5 have started their new Science topic of forces. They have started the year off looking at measuring forces in newtons. 


Class 5 have started their journey into space travel by researching existing rockets and the Apollo Program, generating ideas, planning and making their own paper rocket. What a space-tastic start!



 In Maths we have started off the year by looking at place value. 

June 2019

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to RAF Cosford. They had a superb WW2 workshop where they got to look at real artefacts. In addition, they also got the chance to fire their own rocket. 


February 2019

Class 5 have worked really hard creating their own Greek Myths. 


 In French we have been looking at animals. En Français, nous avons examine les animaux.

Check out this awesome maths work!


In Geography, we have been researching the impact humans have had on the Amazon Rainforest.  Children have used a range of sources to locate some of the physical features in South America. We used laptops, books and videos to help locate each feature. 

Class 5 have been looking at instructions in English. They have been using precise language, adverbs, imperative verbs, time conjunctions and a range of sentences lengths. 

In Science this week we used Newton meters to measure the force of a range of items. We then used our results to produce a bar chart. 

Boat Race!
The most streamlined boat will create the least water resistance, and will move through the water the fastest.
Which one will win? 


Class 5, have been looking into how to code their own dance routine. They picked their own song, character, dance moves and backgrounds. Dab, high clap, dab! 



November 2018

On Tuesday 13th November, Class 5 had a fantastic visit to Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum. They took part in an Greek Art master class and a Greek Gods workshop. They got the chance to paint using the red figure technique and etch into card to create geometric patterns.  In the other workshop they got the chance to act out famous myths by dressing up and using props. 


We enjoyed a range of activities for Armistice Day. They have written some superb emotive letters from soldiers, made trench cake and completed a range of art activities. 



October 2018

We have been investigating whether or not butter melting is a reversible or irreversible change. 


 We have been investigating irreversible reactions in particular acid base reactions. 


We are making fantastic progress on our bikes!

September 2018

Year 5 enjoyed time outside this morning learning how to ride a bike. 


In netball we have been learning how to shoot. 


In Science, we have been learning how to separate a mixture using: filtration, sieving, magnetism and evaporation. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will usually be available at the end of each day. Thank you for your continued support.

Miss A Laver

Photos from 2017/2018

Class 5 showed off their fantastic PowerPoint quizzes to Class 6. The children have worked hard to create a PowerPoint quiz in pairs, their PowerPoints' were linked to multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 


May 2018

Class 5 had a wonderful day celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. They had light refreshments during the day served by the staff and enjoyed making a commemorative plate. In the afternoon, Class 5 joined Class 4 for a games hour where they played rounder's and British bull dog.





On Thursday 3rd May the Animal Man came into school. We had a fantastic time looking at lots of different animals and learning about their diet, habitat and how to classify them with in the animal kingdom.

World Book Week

March 2018

For World Book Week, Year 5 emerged their selves in the Asian Culture. We looked at a Japanese and Korean book and animation.  Also we learnt about the Japanese method for multiplication and Tangrams.  We produced some fantastic pieces of writing looking at inference on a setting and character and ended with a superb diary entry. In addition to the mornings, we also looked at origami and blooms trees in the afternoon. 



Chinese New Year 16th February 2018

Year 5 looked at Chinese numbers and did some formal written methods using Chinese numbers. In addition, they investigated Chinese blossom trees and did their own piece of art. They also  looked at Chinese New Year Facts.




This week in Science we have been looking into water resistance and the forces that act when a boat moves.
We were also lucky enough to have a Staff Governor Mrs Wadge attend the lesson and take part in a boat race.



Year 5 have been practising their cooking skills at Aldersley!

Week 1 We made apple crumble today.



Week 2 We made pizza bread.

Week 3

We made delicious, fresh bread. We learnt what is needed to make bread rise, how to kneed and how to glaze the dough to give it a lovely golden look.  We have also developed our team work to ensure we wash up after ourselves.


Week 4

Butter biscuits were on the menu this week  - yummy!



Year 5 took part in a NSPCC workshop. We learnt the slogan 'Speak Out Stay Safe'. During the workshop we were asked some tricky questions and we started to think about the right and wrong decisions we can make. We all learnt that abuse is NOT ok and it is NEVER a child's fault.


 Autumn Term 

We have been looking into reversible and irreversible changes in year 5. We have looked at melting butter and mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to see what changes happen.


During Black History month Class 5 researched the life of Rosa Parks. We created fact files about her life.


We have been also been looking at the different parts of a flower. We have labelled them in our books and then dissected a lily to embed our learning. 


During class week beginning 6th November we put our pens and pencils down to observe a two munities silence on Friday 10th November.   

We also watched The Big First Aid Lessons where we learnt about how to deal with burns and choking!

Class 5 represented Palmers Cross during Young Ambassadors training at Aldersley Leisure Centre.  They took part three workshops to help the develop their leadership, ambassadorial and communications skills.